What is a cookie?

Boulebar’s cookies policy

We use cookies to make your user experience at boulebar.com as pleasant and good as an evening at one of our restaurants. This means, among other things, that these “cookies” will help you quickly find what you are looking for, that we can reach you with current offers and more relevant information. In addition, you do not have to fill in information that you have already filled in at an earlier time. Winning! If you are able to continue reading this entire document, we will explain what our use of cookies and similar technologies means to IRL (ie for real).

But ? this with cookies what is it really?

Fun to ask! Yes, cookies are tiny text files that are saved with you, on your computer. But take it easy, the files contain no personal information about you, just lots of cryptic letters and numbers, so-called pseudonymized information. So we cannot combine either your name, your IP number or what your dog eats for feed with the cookie information. Good, is not it? But to make it a little more complicated, there are also different types of cookies:

  • Session cookies: This cookie variant is only available on your computer while you are at boulebar.se. As soon as you close the browser, the cookie disappears. Nom Nom!
  • Permanent cookies: The cookie is stored on your computer until you remove it yourself. First-party cookies: Saved by us when you visit boulebar.com
  • Third Party Cookies: Saved to You by Another Page.
  • Web beacons: This is not really a cookie but a transparent graphic image that helps us see where our visitors are clicking.

Similar technologies are techniques that store information with you and therefore resemble cookies and web beacons.


Why do we really use cookies on Boulebar.se?

As we previously described, we use cookies for our site to function properly. In addition, it is a prerequisite for us to be able to give you top offers. So to simplify everything we can divide the use of cookies into site cookies and marketing cookies.

Site Cookies

On the site, we use four different types of cookies – all to make your user experience really fantastic super trés bien:

  • Necessary cookies: These cookies we need for our basic online services to work. For example, online booking etc.
  • Analysis Cookies: This type of cookie helps us analyze and make the site better and better and better and better and better… Yes, you probably do.
  • Feature Cookies: This good cookie helps the site remember the choices and texts you entered, such as how many you are going to play boules. And you don’t want to forget that.
  • Security Cookies: The security cookie acts a bit like a micro-immune system. It helps us to detect and keep away nasties from the page.


Marketing Cookies

  • In addition to our sacred site cookies, we also use marketing cookies. The reason is that we do not want you to miss a single opportunity to play boules. It is also because of these cookies that sometimes creepy bowling ads appear on other sites. We use three different marketing cookies: 


  • Automated Marketing:  This cookie helps us create more relevant marketing for you, both on the site and through other advertising channels.
  • Analysis:  Our analysis cookie is both a site cookie and a marketing cookie.
  • For marketing:  It is used for analysis of general user patterns on the site. Advertising: This cookie collects information about what you are interested in on the site and then helps us create unique advertising for you with third parties (eg google, facebook and ad network).

Boulebar’s handling of personal data

  • We only save names, phone numbers and email addresses when booking for customer contact.
  • The information is used for confirmations, newsletters and offers.
  • No information is ever sold on. So never.  


If you have any questions about our personal data management or other security issues online, you are always welcome to contact us at: it@boulebar.se