Links to our super systems

Report something that's not okay at your workplace - anonymous.
“Stop the production, something is wrong”
"If you have a problem or it don't look good, who you gona call? PROBLEMBUSTERS!"
Vive la Knowledgetion! Learning and evolving Boulebar.
Main System SE - bookings, customers and statistics, including our logbook.
Main System DK - bookings, customers and statistics, including our logbook.
Advanced scheduling made simple.
For the French Tourist.
Check-ins of how our teams are feeling. Download the app!
For those who works with sales and numbers.
HR, contracts and recruitment.
How to attest your bills.
The planning tool for great service.
The Wiki for employees.
Everything you need to know as a boss.
Get your boules here!

Stuff for your workday

Communicate with your colleagues. We love to chat!
Search and save your documents here.
Numbers to the head office and all managers.
Art of's, recipes and kitchen books.
Art of's, game schedules & gravel stuff.
Art of's & menus.
Art of's & drink recipes.
Toolbox & Art of's. Only managers have access.
How to recruit.
Planned maintenance projects.