SOS – Sorting out shit


If someone’s life is in danger or you are threatened, always call 112.



To be able to troubleshoot the most common faults quickly and well, you should be aware of the following:
  • Where is the electrical cabinet with the associated group diagram
  • Where switches, network cables and internet/fiber are located
  • Where to turn off the water (cold and hot)
  • Incoming water for the entire premises
  • Preferably also for every faucet/machine/bar/kitchen
  • Where is the control panel for alarms (incl. code)
  • As well as telephone numbers and codes for alarm/guard companies
  • Where the control panel for fire alarm is located (incl. code)
  • Telephone number for the fire brigade to be able to call off an expensive call
  • Where the music/amplifier and channel selector is

Choose Issue or local phone list


Electrical faults and fuses


Burglar alarm



Phone list-SOS-MALMÖ

Local SOS phone list Göteborg

Phone list – SOS- Örebro


Water or sewage leak


Fire larm



Phone list – SOS -Stockholm

Local SOS phone list Copenhagen