Electrical fault

The most common error is:

  • Moisture or water in splice cords/lighting loops or refrigerators/kitchen appliances.
  • Too many machines/lamps connected to the same fuse group
  • From time to time machines/lights/pumps break down and then they have to be repaired.

Troubleshoot/fix electrical faults

  • Check fuses by looking at the group diagram (list of fuse numbers and where the fuse goes.– See photo below
  • Fold up the fuse that came out, it works fine=> everything solved. If not, then there is a fault with the machine/lamp/refrigerator/etc

Check ground fault circuit interrupter  (in red circle photo below)

  • If it has resolved and can be folded up, all resolved!
  • If it cannot be folded up
    • Fold down all the fuses that are to the right of it (on the green line in the photo below).
    • Fold them up again, one by one and starting from left to right. When the RCD trips, there you have the fuse that is faulty (the machine/lamp/refrigerator) and will not work. Call an electrician or machine service/kitchen technician and book a repair.