Fire alarm

If the fire alarm goes off, you must quickly ensure that there is no fire/smoke in the premises. Do nothing else until you KNOW there is no fire in the room.

  • If you have ensured that it is NOT on fire, you can follow the steps below

  1. Call 112 and tell them that your fire alarm has gone off, but that there is no fire.
  2. The sensors/fire corners are always on the ceiling/high up on the wall and the one that “triggered” usually lights up red (to show that it has triggered).
    1. Is there something near the sensor that triggered the alarm/created smoke or smoke. The kitchen or counter is usually normal or that some craftsman has sharpened or sawed metal.
    2. Reset/reset the fire alarm in the fire alarm cabinet.
  3. If you know that you will create smoke, via craftsmen, asphalt laying or other, then you SHOULD set the fire alarm in “service mode” (it will sound, but no call out).