The most common error is:

  • That the power went to our switches/small switches or the fiber converter
  • Someone has pulled out the network cable to our switches/small switches or Access Points/Wireless system
  • Internet/fiber is down

Troubleshoot and fix the errors

  1. Can’t you see our wireless network via a computer or mobile phone? Check that our switches or fiber converters have power (they light up). – See photo below. If not, check the fuses or that our access points have a network cable (they should light up when they have network cable/power on them). Reboot the switches or fiber converter. Wait for 1-2 min before everything has started up. If you do not find the error, report the error to Asedo (office hours on weekdays)
  2. You see our wireless network, but the internet is not working. Try restarting the fiber converter and our switches. Wait 2 min before trying again, If it still doesn’t work, report the error to our internet provider (Bahnhof in most cases).

Contact info to Asedo if you need help with your wifi or network –

Guide – Asedo 365 Support – Boulebar



Switchar och router


Small switch

Fiber converter