Water or sewage leak

The most common error is:
  • Drain pipes that have had a bang and slid apart and start to leak water (under sinks, in the bar or in the kitchen), drains from dishwashers that have slipped out of their water trap/floor drain.
  • Refrigerated counters/refrigerated rooms that have had a blockage in the drain for condensation water/icing
  • Water connections/joints that have been sitting for a while may start to drip and need to be tightened or if they have been knocked during cleaning

Troubleshoot and fix the errors

  1. Look around whores, run off from ice whores or from cold benches/refrigerators.
    1. Find where the water comes from. If it is a drain pipe, press joints or bends together.
    2. If the water comes from cooling benches, check if the drain inside the back edge of the cooling bench is blocked or if ice has formed on the cooling units. It is common for drain pipes to be blocked by debris. Take a wire or similar to remove debris.
    3. If water leaks from the dishwasher/drain, it is usually the drain pipe that has slipped apart/doesn’t drain into the floor drain.
    4. If there are faucets or water pipes that are leaking, look for shut-off valve/ballofixes (see photo below) and turn off the cold or hot water. Call the plumber and make an appointment!
    5. If water is leaking from large pipes, turn off the main water to the premises/venue.

 Shut-off valve/ballofixes