You are invited to come to celebrate in the spirit of togetherness, reboulution and sophisticated madness. This year we’re doing it in style GRANDE including a congrès, awards for our most shining stars and ending the evening gala style with a FÊTE DE GALETTE!


(remember – heels are also sport shoes)


Agenda 26th:

13:00 Lunch

14:30 Program starts

15:15  BREAK

15:30 Awards

17:00 End of program

17-18.30 BREAK (doll-up time ;))

18.30 Party starts Bar / Boule / Food

01:00 – EOP Boulebar

01:00 After Party

Agenda 27th:

10:00 Breakfast at head office

11:00 Program starts at Boulebar Liljeholmen

12:30 Lunch

13:30 The End


Use this link to respond to the invitation.

We want you to use this link even if you can’t attend the party. RSVP (10th of January).